Star City (2018)

Come on, let's start with a well-known phrase. "Although originally from Nashville, Tennessee, this band does not play "Southern Rock " strictly speaking". Well, the scene is set! Despite this observation, this record from 2016 is no less effective with good musicians, big sound and ravishing guitars. "Cemetery song" skillfully mixes different influences (Deep Purple and last period 38 Special). "Martha" offers a tasty seventies Southern rock and FM rock cocktail on a medium tempo while "Letter of deperture" heads toward the hard rock side. But our fellows are still from Nashville and they prove it with three great songs: "Over you" (a splendid "Southern country" ballad), "7th floor" (in the same style but with a slower tempo) and "Lazy river "(a beautiful pop ballad). Although it can not be compared to the Southern rock itself, this well-crafted album is of high quality, which is becoming rare nowadays. Let's enjoy !

Olivier Aubry

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