Second Chance (2019)

What a pleasant surprise to hear again the bass of David Goldflies roar with class. Known to all, David participated in the Allman Brothers Band's 1979 reformation adventure, also played with Great Southern of Dickey Betts and BHLT, and for our great pleasure currently plays with Duane and Gregg's cousin Allman, Gary Allman hence the name ALLMAN GOLDFLIES BAND. Gary Allman who physically looks like two drops of water to Gregg Allman deals with the vocals, slide guitar, piano and organ, the rest of the band consists of Joe Weiss (guitar, bass, and vocals) and Matt Siegel (guitar) as well as Shawn Shackelford (drums) sometimes on stage with two other drummers: Robert Becton and Dick Reinlie. The album, to my knowledge available only in digital download, and containing ten titles, reappears the fundamentals dear to the Allman Bros. The good things we can remember about this "Second Chance" are the very Allmannian "Ever Been So Lonely Baby" where the deep bass of David Goldflies rumbles thunder god, then place to the laid back Southern Rock of beauty with the nonchalant" Standing In The Georgia ". A rapture of soft guitar harmony is developing on "Southern All i Ever Wan", some funky music that suits beautifully to David Goldflies' bass game on "Can not Turn Back Now", the surprise of the chef on the instrumental "Fadiddle" where David Goldflies shows us his dexterity on the violin next to Charlie Daniels' bow stroke, with moreover hints of Central European music with gypsy fiber and klezmer. A good time Southern Country Rock close to the Marshall Tucker Band is set up on "Pretty Green Eyes". What would be the old south without the gospel? He is present with "When Jesus Calls". Crystalline notes of very emotional guitar sprinkle the fabulous "You Grave Me Love" that allows you to daydream. It only remains to hope for a sounding and stumbling CD release. For fun, do not forget to watch the 58-minute WSRE Studio Amped in Pensacola/Florida video of the ALLMAN GOLDFLIES BAND, vous allez passer un bon moment.

Jacques Dersigny

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