It's about time (2019)

Here is a record that has the answer, this "It's about time" from the songwriter-guitarist Texan Billy White Jr is a small wonder. In comparison, it approaches the Dickey Betts & Great Southern of 1977 and the Atlanta's Burning Down of 1978. One also thinks of The Toler Brothers & Mike Reilly Band, Jaimoe's Jazz Band, and a side West Coast by the Doobie Brothers and Orleans, and more recent by the Floridians Dark Horse Flyer as well as his compatriot Mark May.

Billy White Jr has already produced two Country/Country Rock/Western Swing/Honky Tonk obedience albums: in 2010 "Just Another Guitar Player From Texas" and in 2012 "Just Another Sad Ol 'Song", but this "It's about time " built with ten compositions of Billy White Jr's paw is a prime disc for any self-respecting Southern collection of records, all the while highly euphoric with Billy White Jr's harmonious scale guitar, with the support of Texas keyboardist Lewis Stephens, a big name that played with Freddie King, Delbert Mc Clinton, Vassar Clements, and more recently with Mike Zito. We love the audition from the first track "The Music" with a universe bordering on "Ramblin 'Man" by Dickey Betts, then the title album "It's about time", shattering West Coast, with brass, plus the ethereal guitar of Billy White Jr flying over all, as on "Desdemona" who, despite his jazzy "Allman Bros" groove has nothing to do with the Desdemona from the Allman Bros' album Hittin' The Note from 2003. Southern Boogie with "Rock 'n' Roll Fever" where Billy White Jr shows his talent to the bottleneck, before more than eight celestial minutes work on the felted "I Do not Need It" then we get to the regular instrumental with "Shenanigans" in the very Santana Latin progression.

What follows is the same kind, a magical thanks to the voice and the very harmonious guitar playing of Billy White Jr: this Texas musician is to follow very closely.

Jacques Dersigny

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