Life Got In The Way (2019)

For its 27 years on the clock, Jupiter Coyote, one of the elders of Southern "jam bands" from Brevard/North Carolina, grabs us an excellent eighth studio opus named "Life Got In The Way" containing fourteen titles. The music of Jupiter Coyote is very elaborate, in the manner of Widespread Panic, the veteran jam band from Athens/Georgia. In addition to their fabulous fine touch, they pick on the way country rock, southern rock, bluegrass influences... Qualified "mountain rock", also inspired by the style of the Grateful Dead, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Poco, or It's a Beautiful Day, and for southern rock by the Allman Bros and the Marshall Tucker Band, occasionally also slightly funky - let's not forget also that early in his career this band enjoyed the privilege of a renowned producer, the late Johnny Sandlin, on their first album "Cemeteries And Junkyards" (1991) as well as on his second and third albums "Wade" (1993) and "Lucky Day" (1995) -, the music of Jupiter Coyote is consumed as a well-staid father. on the couch, eyes closed, lulled by the long guitars suites that play John Felty, John Meyer and Matthew Mayes, ventilated by the flying violin of Steve Trismen, not forgetting from time to time not to lose his path to moisten the mouth with this good old Jack Daniels. This allegory of well-being, you will meet it on this "Life Got In The Way" from the opening of the disc with "Gravel Road", more than eight minutes of lesson where everything is interwoven with dexterity, especially the guitars, in a long jam in the Allman Bros' style. We will also remember "So it all comes to this" in the same sort, some fashionable Americana on "Tell Me How To Get There" and "Jackson Hole", some most fundamental with good meowing of slide on "Bamboo Groove", the interesting "swamp rock" "Swamp Funk Fifolet", the swirling "Redneck Bonafide" where the violin of Steve Trismen distinguishes itself, to finish with a ballad on this attractive album with "A Friend To Die For ".

Jacques Dersigny

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