Same (1972/ disponible en téléchargement 2019)

A few lines to share with you a little treat that will musically get a boner to the ears of the Allmannophiles: those of you who read Bands Of Dixie may have discovered the existence of the Flat Creek Band in the interview devoted to Billy Crain published in No. 78 by Luc Brunot, translated by Dominique Turgot, where Billy Crain mentioned one of his first bands, the Flat Creek Band premiered early seventies in high school. This group of brothers Crain, Tommy (Charlie Daniels Band guitarist and Crosstown Allstars, gone in 2011) and Billy (Henry Paul Band guitarist, Outlaws, Beau Weevils), is really exciting, very focused on the style of Allman Bros. You'll be able to discover it thanks to Billy Anderson, musician producer of Nashville/Tennessee, who played with the Flat Creek Band, by the digital download of a demo to the very authentic vintage sound on his site for the modest sum of $ 7. Twelve royal titles dating from 1972, very "Allmanian", often spinning in jam, for example on "Road Vibes", "Skydog", "Schoolhouse", "Appalacian Queen", "Sit Right Down", with also very good " Southern Country Rock "on" Franklin Limestone ", composed by Tommy Crain, recorded in 1975 re-recorded differently on the Charlie Daniels Band's Nightrider album, in the same way as" We Got Tennessee "as" Tennessee " in 1976 on CDB's album High Lonesome, which was also featured on Trans Zeb Express's only album, Olivier Lucas's "Country Rock" and Christophe Dupeu's Peter Alexander Band.

Jacques Dersigny

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