Same (1981 – Crossroad Productions 2018)

The members of this band came from various places (Seattle and Washington) and seemed clearly influenced by the pop/rock style. This record dates from 1981 and suggests some Southern influences on some songs. Thus, "Do not pull any punches" is reminiscent of the early 38 Special with its structure and melodic choruses but the arrangements spoil the song. The boogie "Straight shooter" would be closer to the Southern rock and the ballad "Late night lonesome" would be reminiscent of the Marshall Tucker Band with its harmonica and its beautiful guitar. For the rest, we are far from Dixieland. "Fire in my soul" is influenced by English rock and "I like it on top" seems calibrated for the radios of the time. You have anyway to emphasize the long guitar solo on the pop/rock ballad "Northwest bound". The general sound of the album is quiet good and the musicians show a good level and an obvious will to please. However, the whole turns out to be ultimately unoriginal. Therefore, Tukanon did not bring the house down at the time... and we are not surprised.

Olivier Aubry

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