Same (1981 – Crossroad Productions 2018)

Here is a group exhumed from oblivion, a native of Florida and who has nothing to do with the extreme trio who was noticeable during the onslaught of hard rock in the early 80s. We find a little bit of everything in this unique album that was recorded in 1982 but sounds very seventies and does not have much to do with Southern rock: a bit of country-rock ("Lonesome place"), fast seventies hard rock that is reminiscent of the Black Sabbath debut ("This is not love" and "Sweet love"), heavy blues with harmonica ("I left my woman in waycross GA"), a wild rock ("Teenage queen"), a psychedelic country-rock ("Travelin 'on") and a quite pretty ballad ("Lady Stranger"). But in the end, the set is very average with musicians good enough but drowned in seventies influences too strong for the time. A disc reserved for archaeologists of music.

Olivier Aubry

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