Take no prisoners Rock'n'Roll (2020)

The legendary Bearnese biker band ABILENE, the pre-BOOTLEGGERS kings of the Moutète of Didier Céré, known to everyone around Orthez, will enchant their many fans with this first album "Take no prisoners Rock'n'Roll". It is worth remembering that Abilene once scoured up and down the extreme southwest with in its credentials a boogie southern rock tinged with country with colorful certificate of authenticity, with in bonus in the eighties the release of two two titles 45 's, the best known (Malaise à Nogales/Le Blues de John) as well as the untraceable (Né pour Rouler/Redneck). Didier Céré succeeded in reassembling the band with three of his former tumblers: the two guitarists Jean-Michel Calleja and Jean-Pierre Medou, accompanied by Daniel Quenard (drums), and a very fresh bass player Pascal Davant, for some well-structured in every respect stuff in ten tracks on this super polished production album. We get to the heart of the matter at high speed with "The Rade of the Zombies", taken from the "Radiation Ranch" of the Stray Cats, and that then dust off the "Summertime Blues" by Eddie Cochran. Arrives the spearhead of Abilene "Malaise à Nogales". We also find, jumble of good food with the "Bomber" of Motorhead, two titles of "british cockneys" Slade, the relentless rockabilly "Red Hot" of Billy Lee Riley, then some very good stuff as this version of "Race With The Devil " of the English band Gun, with dazzling guitars that have a field day, which approaches the version made by Black Oak Arkansas in 1977. Great moment of emotional consideration in respect for the brother of Didier, victim of a very serious motorcycle accident, with David Bowie's "Heroes" under the name "Sergio, my Hero". Ferocity and guitar brilliance at the end of the route on the "Keep your hands to yourself" of the Georgia Satellites give great credibility to this Take no prisoners Rock'n'Roll.

Jacques Dersigny


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