Live at Capricorn Sound Studios (2020)

Let the fans of the Atlanta band not rejoice too quickly because it is not a concert. It’s only Charlie Starr and his friends who play live with a few guests and cover six songs from the southern music repertoire. Some would argue that it’s not that bad already.

We have the choice between a CD/DVD pack (for hardcore amateurs or musicos who want to take a few shots) or a vinyl (for collectors or nostalgics who are often the same).

These six tracks go back to the sources of southern music, starting with the genre's undisputed representative, the Allman Brothers Band.

Blackberry Smoke delivers a good version of "Midnight rider" but a little more "laid back" than the original. However, the excellent cover of "Revival" is full of beans with its harmonized guitars. On this piece, the female singers provide superb work.

Then it’s the Marshall Tucker Band’s turn to receive the honors with a very dynamic “Take the highway”, punctuated by good six-string interventions and benefiting from the participation of Marcus Henderson (MTB flutist).

A distinguished guest appears on one of his own songs. Indeed, the grand Jimmy Hall comes to give voice and harmonica on "Keep on Smilin" by Wet Willie. A beautiful moment! Jimmy also sings on the funky "Grits ain’t groceries" (Little Milton's hit) with an effective slide for the occasion. This same slide continues its mission on the beautiful cover of "Southern child" by Little Richard.

The guys from Blackberry Smoke therefore offer a sort of retrospective of southern music with only six songs and the participation of veteran Jimmy Hall. And the bet is successful! This album will give a great pleasure to the listener as it gave to the musicians (on the DVD, you just have to watch them play).

Artists from the South performing songs from the South, there is no need to say ... it’s really South!

Olivier Aubry


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