Captain Strange (2020)

Another unknown band from Georgia with an almost classic line-up (two guitars, bass, drums, Hammond organ and harmonica). In 1993, this combo recorded an album dedicated to Duane Allman and we could expect a disc under the influence of Allman Brothers Band. But apart from the first song (bluesy rock "She comes home" with a superfluous harmonica), we must recognize that we are far from the spirit of the heroes of Macon. In a sort of joyous jumble, the combo distills soulless titles. A swinging and syncopated blues in the spirit of BB King ("Missin’ you"), a blues/swing ("Straw that broke"), a funky blues ("Last time"). There are still two titles that create a slight surprise: “Southbound train” (cocktail of country ballad and southern feeling) and “Sweet cherry wine” (mixing “southern boogie” and country influences). Although of a decent level, the musicians failed to get the thrill through despite good guitar solos. The ubiquitous harmonica may have something to do with it. No real southern rock or “Allmanian” traces, just blues bordering on the banal. An average record, nothing more. We understand that the adventure did not go any further.

Olivier Aubry


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