Same (2020)

The only record performance by this band from Arkansas, this 1983 single made no shortage of assets to seduce the southern community (but also a rock fan audience at large) with four solid titles and beautiful duels between the three solo guitarists. Aggressive Southern rock "Southern Whiskey" opened the ball with a singer who had slight Jimmy Farrar intonations. This punchy piece had accents close to the Molly Hatchet of the beginnings. On the program: exchange between a harmonica and a nasty guitar as well as two harmonized six-strings. The intro and theme of "Damzels in distress" were played in thirds with a rhythm reminiscent of the early records of 38 Special. Downright hard rock, "End of the highway" was a hit, while "Rock’n‘roll alibi" was moving towards a "hard southern rock" à la Blackfoot with a good fight between axemen. Unfortunately, despite all this, success was not there. Did this combo run for a long time after this achievement? Has it exhausted itself in the circuit of bars and local scenes? Did its members continue to make music? We'll never know ... like millions of other bands.

Olivier Aubry


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