ROBERT JON and The Wreck
Last Light on The Highway (2020)

This Californian band continues quietly on its way and proposes a new album which would seem to be its best to date. Some would find this combo some similarities to Blackberry Smoke. Not sure at all. Or on a moonless night covered with fog. No warm, dragging southern voice or laid back guitar. These musicians would remain rather faithful to their Californian roots. Now, everyone has their opinion. Anyway, this new disc contains a lot of good songs interpreted with class. The guys are good at the technical level with a special mention for the lead guitarist who knows how to use his instrument. The pretty ballad "Oh miss Carolina" opens the ball with a beautiful guitar. We like the soul slow "Work it out" and the melodic swinging boogie "Can’t stand it". “Tired of drinking alone” also defends itself well. This country ballad is embellished by a slide which winds throughout this title revealing some southern influences. We can also add "Do you remember" (for its harmonized guitars and its solo well played) and the beautiful ballad "Gold" (with a poignant six-string solo). The rest of the songs are more conventional and less interesting. This disc will certainly not upset the world of music but it turns out to be very pleasant and can be listened to very well. In these troubled times, it’s not so bad!

Olivier Aubry


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