Shades of Blue (2019)

This musician is no stranger. Born in South Carolina and blind from birth, pianist Ronnie Godfrey played in the group Garfeel Ruff. He participated in three albums of the Marshall Tucker Band in the 80s and then moved to Nashville where he collaborated with big names in country music like Johnny Lee. This disc offers a tasty cocktail of various musical currents from the South of the USA, all wrapped in a delicate piano, a velvet guitar and a rhythm section with finesse. You can enjoy good rock ("Boom boom") and soul ballad ("Jezebel") or even pop/soul ("Ashes in the rain"). We could also appreciate rhythm'n'blues ("Falling in love with the blues"), slow jazzy ("Love me too"), "southern boogie" ("Devil in a box"), a touch of rock FM ("My dark destroyer") as well as two beautiful ballads that Ronnie performs alone on the piano ("If love was a bullet" and "Paris mountain"). If Ronnie's playing has remained the same, his voice sounds a bit aged but it is not disturbing because it is overflowing with emotion. So, there is nothing left to let yourself be carried away by this beautiful disc with refined southern charm. South Carolina is great!

Olivier Aubry


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