Color Blind (2019)

The release of a new Billy Crain album is always an event in itself because this guitarist has an exceptional talent. And then there’s always the element of surprise. What will he play? Southern rock or something else? Southern rock, he played it not long ago on the last realization of Mister Charlie Daniels. But for his album? Well, this time, Southern rock fans will be paying for it. After a lot of ups and downs (the health problems of Billy and his wife, all of this detailed on his website), Billy Crain offers us an album of… Billy Crain. Quite simply ! Personally, I think he has developed a very personal style over the years. A style that has developed throughout his albums which, by listening to them again, already warned us that Billy would not allow himself to be locked in a very specific musical niche. There, we have the confirmation with this "Color blind" which distils surprisingly well-constructed compositions, as talented as they are eclectic. But some songs stand out particularly. Billy starts off strong on "T Petty", a big US rock with a well-found guitar riff, a melodic chorus and an impressive solo performance. This is a disguised tribute to the great Tom Petty through the evocation of the youth of Billy and his friends. Discovering life, they were all ready for Tom Petty (“We Were Ready for Tom Petty”). We continue with "I got the girl", a good melodic rock that talks about the essentials in life. Billy considers that love prevails over money when he sings "You might have the cash but I have the girl". The solo is spectacular! "Color Blind" rolls up on a syncopated rhythm and reminds a little of the 38 Special last period. Billy takes the opportunity to swing a beautiful riff and a splendid final solo. "American idols" has successfully turned to the side of British pop. We should also highlight the refrain and solo of "My name is Eli" as well as the virtuosity of Billy on "Guitarmaggedon". An extremely gifted guitarist, Billy Crain plays what he feels and draws inspiration from life and the things around him. He restores all this with happiness thanks to his great artistic talent. So, this "Color blind" may not be a Southern rock record, but it remains an excellent production offering splendid music. And then, Billy is always mind-blowing regarding the guitars. And that’s the main thing!

Olivier Aubry


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