Homecoming Live in Atlanta (2019)

The band released a concert composed of more than twenty songs and sweeping their fruitful career. Recorded in the city of origin of the combo, this show is available according to several formulas (triple vinyl, double CD, double DVD). Even if it seems complicated to chronicle all the titles, we can still try to summarize this disc. There are a few songs in medium tempo like "Waiting for the thunder", "Lord strike me dead" or the well-known "Payback’s a bitch". But the musicians are having a good time on some good rocks that make you stamp your feet ("Nobody gives a damn", "Let it burn"). Country rock is also in the spotlight with "Pretty little lie" (and its inspired solo) and "Best seat in the house". But there are many other titles to satisfy lovers of good music. The melodic pop/rock song "Run away from it all". “Running through time” (a slow track with a dialogue between two guitarists who meet in the third with accents inherited from the Allman Brothers Band). The acoustic ballad "Mother mountain" and "Ain’t got the blues" where Charlie Starr shows off his fingerpicker skills. "Free on the wing", a Southern ballad with two harmonized slides still marked by the ABB. Do not forget either "I'll keep ramblin '" (and its beautiful six-strings), the bluesy "Flesh and bone", the famous "One horse town" and an excellent version of "Not fade away" (popularized by Buddy Holly) who heckles well with his Bo Diddley rhythm and his incandescent guitars. So much for the best! We especially remember from this live the exchanges between guitarists, the warm voice of Charlie Starr as well as his laid back and efficient guitar (and for once, not stingy with solos). A record that will delight fans of the band ... and also many others.

Olivier Aubry

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