Voodoo (2019)

Soundtruck, the band from Athens in Greece, returns with a second album of nine titles as their first released in June 2012, the same day of their performance as opening for Skynyrd in Athens, true consecration for the band. At the time, this opus marked us with its "hard Southern Rock" well calibrated between Blackfoot and Skynyrd on the songs "On The Run", "Ride On", "Feels Like Home" with sometimes more temperate moments like the admirable "Sweet Little Babe". Soundtruck repeats on this new album, Woodoo, with a reshaped quintet, however with a heavier approach a tad uniform on titles like "Senorita", "Heading your Way", at a push metal on "The Calling", but all of that is business disgust. A more cheerful, more rural alchemy is set up in a beautiful way on the impeccable "The Wind Is Blowing" with "Southern Country Rock" sounds, also on "Stay". Also remember "Time to Change" which perpetuates the business. Salvation comes with the sticky "The Train" with acoustic intro that rides on the lands of Skynyrd. The strong point of Soundtruck is to have unearthed a sacred vocalist with a well "budded" voice in the person of Romanos Alexander, with of course at the beginning good guitars which send from time to time flashes of slide.

Jacques Dersigny


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