Take on Life (2019)

Slow and steady wins the race, this adage fits perfectly to the Florida band The Payne Brothers Band which started to beat time in the seventies, to release in front of everyone's nose and beard in 2008 a superb album of Southern bluesy rock named "In The Bink Of An Eye" with a very pronounced Allman Bros and Dickey Betts' Great Southern touch, with the added bonus of Latin sounds between Dickey Betts and Carlos Santana on the pearls that are "Mico Danza", "Old San Juan "and" Summer Rain ", with support for three titles from Molly Hatchet drummer Shawn Beamer.

And well icing on the cake, one of the Payne brothers, Joe Payne (guitar, slide, harmonica and vocals) sets the table again, unfortunately without his other three brothers because Gene Payne, the singer of the band died in 2014. Thereafter the guitarist Larry Payne and Gary Payne the bassist separated from the band. On the other hand Joe Payne is always accompanied by Chris Trimblett (keyboards, sax, vocals), present on the first album of 2008. This gives in this year 2019 the publication of the album "Take on Life" endowed with eleven titles where each compo has a beautiful melody, where Joe Payne's guitar builds lyrical things of exemplary finesse, always with this "Allmanian" side, all coppered by the prominent sax of Chris Trimblett on "Make Ends Meet "which recalls the Randall Bramblett Band in the construction of the song. But we find above all the same subtlety of nuance, the same perfection of the first album on titles like "Truth be know", "Cactus Flower", "Cajun Queen" and the super nugget "Nothing left to hide" which brings the house down regarding the guitar with a theme related to Native American music. Swinging boogie with "Take the night train" closes this admirable high quality opus where everything flows naturally.

Jacques Dersigny


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