Same (2019)

The band offers a new solid album without name (except its own) but with fourteen titles. Very big work! Some songs are eyeing a good mid-tempo rock with "in-your-face" guitar solos ("Die Rockin '", "Mona Lisa", "Gasoline") and others are moving towards a more classic blues-rock. But the best is the escapades of the combo in Country/Americana territory. And here we are not disappointed! The fast "Rolling Stone" has a good harmonica riff and a nice guitar solo performed in bottleneck. "Bury My Bones" (a mid-tempo "Southern rock/Americana" ballad) is tinged with Appalachian accents with a mandolin and a violin. An excellent six-string solo flies over everything. Another fast country ballad with a pedal steel ("Houston County Sky") then another in a "Southern Country" spirit with a superb slide solo ("Little More Money"). But the band is not done with this musical style and sends "California to Caroline", a slow and melodic Southern ballad with a pedal steel and an inspired guitar. We should also mention two Southern rocks somewhat reminiscent of the "new" Lynyrd Skynyrd ("Kentucky Gold", "Hammer") and the country "Bad Weather". Here is a beefy record by the number of its songs but especially by the quality of the compositions. A production that will make it possible to better spend the long winter evenings!

Olivier Aubry


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