Brothers (2020)

The Netherlands always have the gift of delighting us with their groups of southern rock tendency, with in the past in 1977 the precursors Mountbatten with a 45t "Low down Music/Trouble with the Gun" with as influence Lynyrd Skynyrd, in 1997 the little marvel Moonshine and his album "Roughhousin" with among other things on it a very good version of "In the Morning" by Mama's Pride, as well as the band of very good quality Gasoline. Currently, in these lean times, the Netherlands are not left out with two very talented young groups: the allmanian Leif from Leeuw Band, and Copperhead County which kills it with panache on their album "Brothers", in ten very melodious old school "Southern Rock" tracks. To begin with, "Be Different", with the Outlaws texture where Robert van Voorden's guitar shines, sets the example. Their excellent singer Corvin Silvester fills the mid-tempo "Not Even the Wind" with emotion. Arrives the title-album "Brothers" which recalls the style of the Henry Paul Band. Very convincing also, the Southern Country Rock titles "Horizon", "Bring on the Rain" and "Pacific Street". All in flexibility, the refreshing instrumental "Tskaro" sneaks in, which also tends towards the Outlaws. A balladin the acoustic fiber of great beauty is developed on "Wide Plains" and a real maelstrom of guitars dot the two end titles "With you Again" and "Southern Feeling", which make this record an essential choice. from this really very convincing band, one of the very best southern rock bands in Europe today.

Jacques Dersigny


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