Where we're Heading (2020 - https://leifdeleeuw.com )

Following their 2019 tribute album dedicated to The Allman Brothers Band, here in 2020 is their studio album "Where we're Heading", ten personal compositions set to music by their fabulous guitarist Leif de Leeuw. But first of all a big congratulations to the creator of the sleeve, worthy of the great southern graphic designer James Flournoy Holmes, creator of album sleeves like Eat a Peach by the Allman Brothers, Fire on the Mountain by the Charlie Daniels Band, but also those of the Marshall Tucker Band's first and second album. We can safely say that the music played in this "Where we're Heading" is like the sleeve: very playful and stimulating. It all starts with the short "Baby James" with a slide that travels in the heart of Paris Texas by Ry Cooder. Then good compact with guitars that meow severe on "James", then comes "Playing in a Band" with a country-rock jazzy touch. Ethereal atmosphere on "Do me Wrong", then sneaks a very moving folk-rock ballad "Running", before a funky hopping instrumental with "Funky Gumbo", where all the instruments are entangled in a joyful round which gives pep in a way of The Neville Brothers, The Meters, Dr John, Louisiana's Leroux. There are good Allmanian moments well-felt from the Dickey Betts era on the title-album "Where we're Heading" as well as on the very high-end "All you Do" and the nugget that shines with a thousand lights called "Drive On", with always the Betts attitude. It materializes even more beautifully on the end instrumental, devilishly aerial hovering jazzy "The Gypsy Flies". We float in weightlessness listening to his benefactor listening. How lucky are we to hear this young Dutch band which gladden our heart! Let yourself be seduced by the Leif of Leeuw Band, you will not regret it.

Jacques Dersigny


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