Live at The Shed (2016)

Skinny Molly released a DVD featuring a… 2016 concert. Available since when on their site? I do not know. And that only lasts thirty-five minutes. But it's better thirty-five minutes of Skinny Molly than two hours of… I won't give a name, but there are plenty of examples (hatchet clowns, fake black feet or the bionic guitarist. Connoisseurs will know from whom I speak). Mike Estes is one of the few true southern rockers still in working order. What a pleasure to see him on a lost stage in Tennessee in the company of Jay Johnson (the legendary Jimmy's son) and the two young people trained in the hard law of the road who make up the rhythm section (Luke Bradshaw and Kurt Pietro). And there, we dive into southern rock with medium and hypnotic tracks like "If you don’t care", "Too much" (with harmonized guitars) or "Judge Parker". We can appreciate the superb "Devil in the Bottle" which dates from the time when Mike officiated within Lynyrd Skynyrd and which has become a classic. “Two good wheels” is also a hit in the US big rock register, like the late Tom Petty (also a native of the South). A warm bourbon-forged voice and typically southern phrasing characterize our friend Mike while Jay Johnson expresses himself in a more hard rock register. Luke Bradshaw purrs his bass and Kurt Pietro hits his drums professionally (we had seen him at work with Blackfoot before). In short, we have a good time even if it is a bit short. Those who have had the chance to see Skinny Molly in concert will jump on this DVD knowingly. If the others decide to acquire this achievement, this show may well convert them to the cause of Molly the Skinny and make them succumb to the call of the demon in the bottle. Keep on rockin’ southern style, Mike !

Olivier Aubry


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