Live at Rockpalast 1981 (2020) Available at 

Warning! Cult novelty! The Outlaws in concert in Germany with CD and DVD to play. Be careful again! Some people might be surprised by the brevity of this column. But what can we say except that this achievement speaks for itself? Well, this show was already circulating under the table through the pirate distribution but you might as well enjoy this performance with acceptable sound and image. And this is tough! A superb testament to the golden age of the Outlaws! The band had a hit the year before with the album "Ghost riders" from which are taken the sublime "Angels hide", "Devil's road" and "Ghost riders in the sky", titles precisely played at Rockpalast. I hope the Germans realized how lucky they were to see Tampa formation at the time. "Hurry Sundown" and "Holiday" flowed like an untamable river. "Long gone" (from the album "In the eye of the storm") sounded very hard. The group also made a homecoming with excerpts from their first album, the crazy instrumental "Waterhole" and the hit "There goes another love song". And then, the band from Florida flooded the crowd under a musical deluge with twenty minutes of "Green grass and high tides". As much to proclaim it loud and clear, this CD/DVD pack is a real treat! What a pleasure to watch the Florida Guitar Army in action and in top form. A raging six-string festival! Hughie Thomasson imperial, his Stratocaster sending off avalanches of notes in showers of sparks. And also the great Billy Jones whose impressive technique we can appreciate with this video. Although Hughie died relatively young, we still had the opportunity to enjoy his guitar for quite a while. On the other hand, one can only regret the motion of Billy who decided to leave this world in 1995, thus depriving the Earthmen of the immense talent which was his. So, there is no hesitation! One has only to rush to acquire this precious document which proves that the Outlaws are something. And to think that two years later, we had the privilege of witnessing the passage of the "Guitar Army" (without Billy Jones) on March 14th. But that's another story ... By the way, wasn't this column meant to be very brief? We do not remake ourselves. The Outlaws forever !

Olivier Aubry


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