Acoustic VIP Show Peach Festival (2019)

Here is a short acoustic interlude performed by Duane Betts and Devon Allman. This recording is more for die-hard fans who want to collect everything. We are entitled to five titles in all ("All night", "Shinin' ", "Good ol' days», «Melodies are memories" and "You got lucky") and that's enough! More, it was guaranteed sleep. Why? Simply because it all sounds the same in the "ballads americana" genre. Duane and Devon share the vocals according to the songs and both strum their acoustic guitars but there is no solo worthy of the name (yet Duane was very able to vibrate his dry strumming). The title of the album provides a hint of size: "Acoustic VIP show". Indeed, one has the impression to be in a private room reserved for important people. This was probably the case. In the end, this service proves to be dispensable. With one or two more songs, it would have become boring.

Olivier Aubry

JAIMOE’S JASSSZ BAND: Peach Festival (2018)

Might as well display the input color! It's the bluish color of jazz! The brightness of the brass and the muffled hum of the bass. The fluidity of the drums. The discretion of the guitar. As everyone knows, it was the great Jaimoe who brought the jazzy element to the Allman Brothers Band, the rock'n'roll pounding being provided by the late Butch Trucks who was not nicknamed "Freight train" for nothing. Recorded live at the Peach Festival in 2018, Jaimoe and his companions take a few tracks from the late ABB and wrap them in shimmering, velvety accents. Some names are not unknown, such as Dave Stoltz on bass or Bruce Katz on keyboards. All musicians have as much feeling as technical ability. Let's be honest! It's very beautiful but it won't necessarily delight fans of southern rock. If the jazzy arrangements work wonderfully on "Stormy Monday", we are surprised by the cover of "Blue sky", the great presence of brass instruments on this track and the sax solo that can surprise. The band revisits in its own way " Mountain jam " and " Ain't wasting time no more ", still in jazzy mode. And the jazz remains present on " Leavin' truck " (tinged with soul) and on the syncopated " Dilemna ". We were warned from the beginning! This is jazz! And it is fabulously interpreted but it is rather addressed to the music lovers (who would undoubtedly appreciate "Free bird" played by a symphonic orchestra). From a strict musical point of view, we can only salute Jaimoe's talent, which remains one of the last pillars of American music still alive today.

Jaimoe is great!

Olivier Aubry


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