Bless You Heart (2020)

Daddy’s boys are back with a new album. This record was much awaited as we wanted to know if this formation would concretize the hopes that their first production had raised. Well, we can say that it makes sense and that this "Bless your heart" does not disappoint, without however surpassing its predecessor "Down to the river". After a careful listening, we can conclude that it is of an equal level and that it is in the same vein with important Allman Brothers influences (which is quite natural) and more personal pieces. It should be noted that Jimmy Hall is among the guests. Come on, let's get to the heart of the matter! The rhythmic "americana" ballad "Pale horse rider" seems ideal for a road movie with six-strings in harmony. "King crawler" is a good catchy rock'n'roll while "Savannah's dream" joins the ranks of the great instrumentals of the early Allman Brothers Band ("Elizabeth Reed") with the flamboyance of Duane Betts' playing and a duration of ... twelve minutes. Back to the blessed era! We also notice the efficient boogie " Airboats and cocaine " and the mid tempo ballade in minor mode " Southern rain "."Much obliged" has country colors and has a nice slide (you can almost see the lone cowboy riding in the sunset). The record also includes two other beautiful songs: "The doctor's daughter" and "Magnolia's road" (a typical ABB-style ballade). But the prize for best song goes to the splendid country ballade "Rivers run", sung by Duane, with a theme played in harmony and an acoustic guitar solo. This title evokes memories of a simple and rural youth forever lost. We notice the absence of drums, but the traditional arrangements are self-sufficient (dry guitars, electric six-strings for the harmonized theme and bass). Simply beautiful! So, what's the verdict? The test of the second album is successful with superb guitars and beautiful sung parts. Concerning the voices of Duane and Devon, it cannot be said often enough that they strongly look like those of their illustrious fathers. Now, this production will not turn the universe upside down and some will claim loud and clear that this style of music stopped living with the last chords of the now defunct Allman Brothers Band. However, it must be admitted that Devon Allman and Duane Betts strive to perpetuate as best they can the musical heritage left by their famous elders.

The blood of the South!

Olivier Aubry


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