Peach Festival (2019)

This concert dates from July 26, 2019 and immortalizes the fruitful collaboration between Devon Allman and Duane Betts. During this effective show, the two musicians offer large excerpts from their album "Down to the river", interspersed with tracks from the Allman Brothers Band. It is important to mention the presence of the talented Johnny Stachella (who plays slide guitar) and the fact that Duane goes solo more often than Devon. Devon is the first to attack the vocals on "All night" while Duane does the solo, recalling his beloved father. Duane then takes the mic for 'Shinin', with harmonized six-strings in the intro. He continues on "Blue sky" and embarks on a solo that Papa Dickey will certainly not deny. The excursion in Allman Brothers territory continues with "Ain't waistin' time no more" (sung by Devon). Back to the news of the group with the very " Allmanian " " Autumn breeze ", Swing and smoking guitars are on the program of "Dimples". We also notice the amazing cover of Prince's "Purple rain" with Johnny Stachella's beautiful slide. Devon sings with soul and finally embarks on a relatively inspired Duane who will distil a very good solo in the style of his father. On "In memory of Elizabeth Reed", Devon slips away to let Duane express himself in a superb way. We know what blood runs in the veins of the guitarist. The band then goes on with " Down to the river " (a title tinged with soul with Devon on vocals and guitar solo) and a cover of Tom Petty's " Southern accents " (still sung by Devon and decorated with Mister Stachella's superb slide). At the end of the show, Devon grabs an acoustic guitar for "Long gone", a splendid melancholic ballade with Johnny's moaning slide and a beautiful solo by Duane. To conclude, we don't beat about the bush! Devon Allman and Duane Betts are (daddy's boy) certainly less gifted than their progenitors. They may also have an unfortunate tendency to want to play on their filiation. If we look at excerpts from concerts of the Allman Betts Band on the internet, we notice that Duane wears a hat and moustache like his father and that Devon cultivates the family resemblance with his long hair, beard and sometimes a bandana. However, if we just listen to the tape of the show, we can see that genetics does not lie. The voices of Duane and Devon are strangely reminiscent of those of Dickey Betts and the late Gregg Allman. Concerning Duane's guitar style, it's easy to see where his influences come from. So yes, Gregg is dead, and Dickey is practically retired. The great era is over, and nothing will ever be the same again. However, with concerts of this caliber, it is reasonable to think that this immense musical heritage has not been wasted by descendants and that the family tradition has been preserved.

Southern rock family!

Olivier Aubry


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