100Years of Blues (2020)

Two great names together for a nice realization! The funniest part of the story is that the two musicians have known each other since the sixties but had never recorded an album together. The oblivion is now repaired and as its name suggests, it is a blues album. But classic blues with a percussive guitar and a harmonica heated to red. Old-fashioned blues! No superfluous arrangements. Only the two artists joined by a discreet piano from time to time, with sometimes a guitar rhythm added. Elvin and Charlie share the vocals according to the songs. The tone is set with the first song, a boogie with a catchy rhythm and a tempo marked by a foot tapping ("Birds of a feather"). Slow Chicago blues with piano is in the spotlight on "West Helena blues" but also on "Good times" (which uses the same method but a little faster). We can also mention the boogie "What the hell?", the blues/shuffle "If I should have bad luck", the fast blues "Blues, why don't you worry me ?" and "South side slide" (an instrumental where Elvin's slide holds the main place). Everything is played with simplicity and authenticity, sometimes even with restraint. The two accomplices do not give in the demonstration but in the relaxation. A sincere record made by two great artists who have nothing more to prove.

Olivier Aubry


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