Deep Dark Demon (2020)

Four years after an incendiary album, here is Mark May, the guitarist who accompanied Dickey Betts for a while. He has hired a second scrapper in the person of Billy Wells. This new record is quite varied and offers different styles. It starts with an intro in the style of Allman Brothers but the track quickly evolves into mid tempo blues-rock ("Harvey's dirty side"). It continues with a Texas blues at medium tempo and marked, in the style of the Fabulous Thunderbirds ("BBQ and blues"). The torrid blues " Deep dark demon " is honored by the presence of Mike Zito who sends a solo full of feeling. An Allman Brothers Band/Dickey Betts atmosphere hovers over "My last ride" with a beautiful duel between the two guitarists. But the best track of the album is undoubtedly "Something good". This beautiful slow song tinged with soul is sublimated by a melodic slide solo that would bring tears to the eyes of a grizzly with a toothache. Thrills guaranteed! The rest of the record is much less exciting with rather banal tracks like "Sweet music" (a funky and syncopated blues-rock), "Rolling me down" (with harmonized guitars), the funky/soul "For your love" (with a sax solo) or the funky song "Invisible man" (and its talk box solo). Although his guitar remains incisive and inspired, it's a shame that Mark May has followed the current trend of medium rhythm and funk-colored songs that are more boring than anything else. Let's hope that his next achievement will put right the ship. Back to the real blues!

Olivier Aubry


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