As the name suggests, this creation comes from Tennessee. For the musical style, it would be close to a band like Whisky Myers. From the slide intro of "Wicked", we know that we are in familiar territory and this impression continues with the duel of guitars that illustrates this song. Swing, powerful chords and heady riffs are on the program of "Thunder in the mountains" (which would remind a little Deep Purple). The beautiful soul song "Can't get over you" stands out hands down while "Stompin' grounds" is reminiscent of the ballades of the Allman Brothers Band. Since ABB is mentioned, its influence appears in the structure of "Mountains in my bones" and it mixes with hard rock colors. Also noteworthy, "Corn from a jar" (a hypnotic blues-rock swamp with a sharp slide) and "Shake it" which brings a bit of rock to the ensemble. To conclude, this is not Southern rock strictly speaking but we can still feel the mark of the South. This record comes out with the mention "not too bad at all"!

Olivier Aubry


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