EP (2020)

This band is originated from Georgia. What interesting, we wouldn't have guessed it! This record of five tracks reveal musicians with a high level, a well sound recording and proper mixing. Now, is all this enough to break into the market? « Lend a hand », with its medium tempo and heavy rhythm it is reminiscent of the new Lynyrd Skynyrd, but the hard rock guitar solo brings the listener back to reality. Medium! The atmosphere is a little more southern with the fast country/americana song "Looking for an old friend" which benefits from a good slide and a rather "southern rock" solo. Quite good! « Set me free » is dragged along on a pushy tempo with rather annoying vocalizations of the singer. Not great! « So you wanna change the world » starts again for a slow rhythm with some intonations borrowed from the current Lynyrd Skynyrd. By the way, the guitar that makes the link between the verses can be called "elastic", pretty much in the style of Gary Rossington. However, the main solo is close to hard rock (maybe too close). Meh! We end on a limp, boring and banal blues-rock with an unnecessarily complicated riff ("Spirit of a workingman"). Failure! Despite the professionalism and the satisfactory level of the musicians, this mini album disappoints because of a major defect. Like many other bands, the Georgia Thunderbolts have a nasty tendency to confuse southern rock with heavy blues-rock stretching over medium tempos and wrapped in way too heavy riffs. And the result is not so good. We are bored stiff because of the lack of rhythm (except for "Looking for an old friend"). No boogie, no rock and consequently... no southern rock either. It's not enough to be born on the right side of the Mason Dixon Line to have the southern feeling. Luckily, this realization has only five titles because with a disc of ten or more pieces, it was lethargy assured.

Olivier Aubry


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