The Rain (2021)

The release of a new Dallas Moore album is always good news because we are sure to have a good time. The big bearded man continues unperturbed on his way by swinging sharp and strong country-rock/honky tonk with a Charlie Daniels-like fiddle and guitars that slam in clear sound ("The rain", "Every night I burn another honky tonk down", "Ain't no place in the sun"). Dallas also excels in fast country songs full of harmonies ("Better days", "Blue jean Jesus", "On through the night") or slower ones ("Locked down and loaded", "In my last days"). The melodic country ballad "Ride down by the river" speeds up at the end for successive guitar and pedal steel solos while "California highway" recalls the great country songs of the 70s and 80s (like Johnny Lee, for example). Once again, Dallas Moore does not disappoint by remaining faithful to his effective and authentic musical recipe. A record to get without any hesitation!

Olivier Aubry


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