Same (2020)

This band is native from the west of Virginia, but their music is not the same as southern rock. Indeed, this combination offer above all a blues-rock with a medium tempo without surprise ("Drops", "Pocket bullet", "Not the drinkin' kind", "Killer", "Hurricane", "Thick as thieves", "Word to the wise"). It picks up a bit on "Mountain mama" and interest is slightly revived with the southern soul ballad "I'm right here" as well as the slow "Tenacious" (enhanced with harmonized six-strings). Even if there is good musicians and a good sound recording, this is not necessarily enough to hit the nail on the head. In the end, this album turns out to be rather heavy and boring. Some will appreciate it, but there is no doubt that this record is not recommended for the hardcore fans of southern rock.

Olivier Aubry


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