Southern Rock That Time Forgot Vol 1 (2020)

The German firm Juke Joint 500 Records has done a very nice job by offering a compilation of various Southern rock bands from the 90's and 2000's, edited in vinyl format. Some of the names on this record are not unknown like Alligator Stew, Judge Parker or Eat A Peach (who covers here "Ain't wasting time no more" by the Allman Brothers Band). We discover some interesting formations such as Bishop Black or Chase Walker Band (and its swamp rock cover of the "Red house" of Jimi Hendrix). And also, the famous Alligator Jackson (which was the subject of a "best of" by the German record company). The other bands seem more anecdotal (as far as we can tell from a compilation). The city and home State of each combo is mentioned, and this excellent initiative should be noted. In addition, we have the right to a beautiful cover. This realization inevitably remember the glorious time of the first half of the seventies when many compilations of rock n' roll fifties, rockabilly and blues flourished. Ah, memories of youth! And this is only the first volume! Let's hope that the following ones will be of the same quality.

Olivier Aubry


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