Set in Stone (2021)

Mister Travis is not getting any younger, but he still has a lot of energy as his last album proves it. His music always leans on the good side of the Mason Dixon Line with mid-tempo southern rock songs that remind a bit of Lynyrd Skynyrd's last version ("Stand your ground" and its kick-ass guitar solo, "Ghost town nation" with a burly six-string, "Southern man" and its unbridled scratch).

Father Travis also knows how to affect the heart with the superb ballad "Set in stone" coated with pedal steel.

He also offers a good fast country/honky tonk track with a harmonized solo between pedal steel and guitar ("They don't make 'em like that no more"), a country-inspired slow song ("Ain't who I was") as well as a swinging country-blues with a hypnotic rhythm ("Way down in Georgia").

Brother Tritt doesn't forget his classics though, throwing in a few slow country songs like any good cowboy would ("Smoke in a bar", "Leave this world", "Better off dead").

Thus, the man from Georgia has made a very good record custom-made for southern rockers, country fans and lovers of the southern music.

Travis Tritt and Southern rock, same fight! But we already knew that!

Olivier Aubry


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