Back in Town Tonight (2022)

Third album since 2020, for this group formed in Georgia in 2016, and which released two albums with a nice southern tendency. They have since joined John Sureizdic on keyboards. The album sounds very southern, especially with the intro title. The rest of the album alternates big riffs, leaden rhythms and big voice that takes you on a nice trip to the South... Fans of big US sound, of ZZ Top, will appreciate this disc despite a flagrant lack of originality of the combo (who nevertheless has writing resources, "Money all..."), and will have a hard time releasing a piece that will mark history.
So yes there is boogie style "Quo", "The loosing hand", a southern connotation, energy to spare, but it will be necessary to stand out.

Chris MARQUIS, translation Y. Philippot-Degand


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