Tornillo (2022)

Let's be honest right away, I'm an absolute fan of this group... which is shooting up in the States (supporting act for the Stones, at the top of the Billboard, soundtrack of the Yellowstone series...), but that the Southern rock fans seem to be sulking. This album, recorded at the Sonic Ranch studio begins with a chicano instrumental before sending an exceptional title, "John Wayne", where rhythm, melody, brass and saxes, harmonica announce some very heavy... with Danny TREVO in the clip!

We can divide this album into two groups of tracks: the very good ones and the excellent ones (I warned you). 'Bad Medicine', 'The Wolf', 'Antioch' are rock-tinged firebrands with southern sounds, while we come to another very big track: "Feet's": if you can't find Van Zant's voice and the groove of the legendary LYNYRD on this track… I can't help you. "Mission to Mars" confirms the band's writing talent (and their complementarity: Cannon leaves the writing and vocals on three tracks to his guitarist), before two superb titles "Whole World Gone Crazy", "For the kids" title on the divorce, tumbling more calmly, and the two sublime "Heavy on me" and "Heart of stone", ballads purely in the southern spirit.
After the excellent "Mud" this group has just confirmed that it is settling down, in a certainly different style, but with a "multi-faceted" musicality as one of the two leaders, with Blackberry Smoke, of the southern revival of which they are , and will be, one of the most worthy heirs.

Chris MARQUIS, translation Y. Philippot-Degand


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