Southern Moon (2022)

Apparently not yet available on compact disc, but set to listening on the Spotify platform and also on Youtube, what THE MARK PRICE BAND, a band from Houston/Texas, produces will amaze many with its old-school southern rock with a "Country Rock" cachet, a pure marvel thanks to playful guitar parts, a formidable rhythm section, plus the voice of the singer who elevates everything to the top on the ten titles offered. It attacks in the most beautiful way with "Sweet Days" with juicy guitars, high-end southern rock that makes you want to listen to it endlessly and that makes you think of the musical elegance of the HENRY PAUL BAND of yesteryear. Then comes a ballad with soft arpeggios, “Light in the Window”, endowed with a strong feeling, as well as the title-album “Southern Moon”, with a charm close to the Southern Country Rock of the OUTLAWS. In the same way, the following titles ("Sun Goes Down", "Never too old to rock and roll", "Salvation Road", "Country Stade of Mind" and "Summertime 1985") are played with finesse by the MARK PRICE BAND. To complete the deal last, they go back to “Southern Moon” and “Salvation Road” fleshed out with piano and strings. Here is the Youtube link for your ears:

Good listening, hoping that this nugget materializes in CD format, with information on this group that acts too discreetly, which is harmful when you have a hell of a paw.

Jacques Dersigny


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