Revival (2022)

Currently we would be wrong to complain, because the sound of the south is doing pretty well with a revival touch inspired by the great bands of the past who built southern rock. Now in this year 2022 hope is reborn with American formations like Grande Revival, The Mark Price Band, as well as Reform The Hounds who comes to us from Jacksonville/Florida with a Lynyrd Skynyrd-sounding style study on their first album containing ten very well constructed titles. Led by Jason Morgan (guitar/keyboards) and Lyman Ellerman (guitar, lead vocals), who share the compositions between them, the group highlights, to start the album in a beautiful way, "For Me Some Whiskey “, undulating “old Skynyrd” with beautiful electric flights that amplify on “Get While The Gettin’s Good”, with a slightly rap flow in the vocals supported by the enchanting voice of former Skynyrd backing vocalist Leslie Hawkins. More fluid on "Hold On", styled "Southern Country Rock" like "Every Mother's Son" by Skynyrd. Then comes "I Just Love Women", a stirring southern boogie with guest piano player Nelson Blanchard of Louisiana's Leroux. Reform The Hounds also has an identity, a sound color of its own on titles, such as on the two long tracks "Long Gone" and "Sweet Wine" with very slippery, very racy solos, which should convince many fans Southern rock: definitely an album that is a fox, unlike its cover.

Jacques Dersigny
Translation : Y. Philippot-Degand


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