Rock Rebel (2022)

We no longer need to introduce our friend Didier, who made the heyday of a rock'n'roll tinged with southern accents with the groups Abilene and Bootleggers, then under his own name. Having opened many time over the years (ZZ Top, Point Blank, Skinny Molly, Charlie Mc Coy, Johnny Halliday among others), Didier has forged a solid reputation as a rocker and has developed an impressive network of acquaintances counting eminent musicians. He often had prestigious guests on some of his records and his latest album respects this tradition. On the guitar side, we are spoiled with renowned American guitarists (the immense Buddy Whittington, Redd Volkaert who accompanied Merle Haggard). But the French are also in the spotlight with Christian Séguret, the late Patrick Verbeke, Jean-Yves Lozac'h on pedal steel guitar and Nico Wayne Toussaint on harmonica. Add Texan pianist Floyd Domino, as well as rocking drummer and bassist, and the party can begin. Moreover, you only have to listen to the instrumental boogie "Lalla's boogie" to be immersed in the atmosphere, each musician sending a frenzied solo. The record starts strong with "Rock rebel", resolutely rockabilly and embellished with an aggressive solo from Redd Volkaert. Didier revisits the same style with two covers sung in English ("Reeferbilly boogie" by Shakin' Pyramids and "Teenage boogie" by Webb Pierce). He also adapted Little Richard's famous "Keep on knockin'" into French ("Tu peux frapper") with successive solos by Buddy Whittington, Redd Volkaert and Patrick Verbeke. As for solos, Father Buddy and Nico Wayne Toussaint let loose on the fast and brassy "V twin boogie" with a sax and a steel guitar as a bonus. We can also mention "Daytona beach" (with a rhythm borrowed from Bo Diddley) and "Salut Charly" (a country ballad that Michel Mallory had written for Johnny Halliday). The other songs swing well too. Didier Céré creates an absolutely rock'n'roll atmosphere with effective personal songs and well-chosen covers. The lyrics are simple but nice and above all they swing well with the music. Just like Didier's voice. Yes that's it ! Didier Céré swings to death and his latest album is formal proof of this. But everyone who knows him already knows that. A great record by the last rebel of French Rock!

Olivier Aubry

Translation : Y. Philippot-Degand


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