Same (2021 - Norvège)

Released last year on CD, then at the beginning of 2022 on limited edition vinyl on the "Apollon Records" label, this work by the group Years After comes to us from Norway, from the splendid city of Bergen with its multicolored houses. The eight tracks contained in the album are sure to delight unconditional fans of the Allman Brothers Band Betts period for their melodic qualities. Years After, like a chef, has assimilated the Allman bros style which feeds its disk, starting in a beautiful way with the short title "Follow the Trail" well inspired by the playing of guitars and by the musical spirit of Dickey Betts. Then comes "Stand Back" which is not that of the Allman Bros from the album "Eat a Peach" despite its resemblance by its slide guitar plans. Good mid-tempo develops on "Free", the shimmering style of Dickey Betts still vibrates on the good "Don't Leave Me" which gives an impression of copy-paste despite its quality, same magic potion on " Blue". A change takes place on the languorous blues "When You're Gone" emanating from the jams of Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield. The title "Les Montagnes" occurs in French in the original, an instrumental, the peak of the album with always this Dickey Betts color with a Big Up for the keyboardist of Years After who is having a field day on his B3 . Acoustic blues "Porch Blues" gains closure. Despite this mix of Allmanians clichés and this surname eyeing Alvin Lee, we have to admit that this young Norwegian quintet works very well on guitars as well as vocally. To check for yourself, only one address: the Bandcamp site.

Jacques Dersigny

Translation : Y. Philippot-Degand


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