Revival (2022)

After 2018's "Live at Nancy Web TV" on the Brennus Music label crowned with a solid version of Skynyrd's "Free Bird", Natchez did not rest on its laurels during confinement to set up a small wonder named Revival. Its splendid packaging is reminiscent of the back cover of Dickey Betts & Great Southern - "The Collectors #", dating from 2002, to celebrate 35 years of career, still on the Brennus Music label: eleven tracks, including two covers plus a bonus track , with a new bassist in the person of Alain Gaillet in place of the emblematic André Dufour. Everything hits hard and true with Natchez as far as the southern sound is concerned, admirably produced, with a clear saving attitude well in the spirit of "Southern Rock" in Thierry Aeschbach's singing, mixing English and French in the vocals. Emmanuel Aeschbach's guitar, from which burst very incisive little solos, superb in their harmonized set-up from time to time, is very beautiful. The album opens with a Skynyrd attitude "Can't Stop Rockin'", then comes a tribute to Johnny Winter with a faithful version of Rick Derringer's "Rock'N'Roll Hoochie Koo", pure Natchez juice with the titles "Poker" with a very lyrical guitar, "Tout ira Bien" with a piano which gives another dimension to the group. The highlight of the album, which delights the auditory system and gives a strong desire for "replay", with its sublime harmonizations on the perky "Rock and roll village", Southern Country Rock more in the verve The Outlaws, Marshall Tucker Band or Dickey Betts Great Southern than Skynyrd, Hatchett or Blackfoot. It continues with the "Southern Boogie" "Little Piece Of Dixie" signed Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke, some titles that dash and run around at the max on "Somewhere Anywhere" and "Keep on Movin" to end up with the bonus of "Poker /alternative version" with the sweet organ scents of Alain Bournel of the Peter Alexander Band. This Revival shows how astonishingly perfect Natchez has arrived, in addition the succession is provided by the kids Tom Aeschbach/guitar and Léna Aeschbach/vocals, present on the album, "What Else? ".

Jacques Dersigny


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