Everybody (2023)

When one of the founding brothers of Mama's Pride releases a new album, we can't wait to find out what he has composed. Well, it's good and even very good!

We immediately notice this typically American sound, a guarantee of impeccable production. Brassy arrangements and backing vocals embellish some songs while other tracks sound more raw. So there is something for everyone.

A good groove emerges from "Everybody" and an inspired guitar solo escapes from "Didn't find my blues in Mississippi" (a medium-tempo rhythm'n'blues).

We are charmed by two tracks tinged with soul (the slow "Real man" and the melodic ballad "Old friends").

The honky tonk track "Goodbye Jack Daniels" is supported by a very rock six-string and the excellent "Made to rock'n'roll" makes you tap your feet with a well-sent axe solo all in southern feeling.

Also noteworthy are two other beautiful soul ballads adorned with delicate guitars ("Love everybody" and "Right as rain").

Danny Liston has therefore lost none of his talent and proves it with a very good record of southern music!

Olivier Aubry
Translation : Y. Philippot-Degand


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