Eliminator (1983)

When a style of music whose fundamentals are written in stone... that the codes are precise in the interpretation to the
point of making them obligatory under penalty of mortal sacrilege and you come across this album... mama mia!

So I said when we think about these immutable fundamentals and someone works to bring this musical style up to date,
risk-taking is akin to arEsEc suicide or an industrial accident that is almost guaranteed upon arrival… But who am I
talking about and what style?

I want to talk about ZZ TOP and the Eliminator album more precisely... A genius album that revolutionized the style and
won over millions of people. The blues, we can't imagine the number of (young) people who wanted to discover the
blues aner listening to this album.

From the first to the last track, nothing to throw away, only melodic bombs, only brilliant and inspired solos on a
concrete rhythm section... We add the videos which are nuggets and which made the heyday of MTV, in short the world
hit and deserved recogniEon. You can listen to this album, it has not aged a bit and never will, this album is a monument,
a marker in the evolution of music and more especially blues and boogie.

Do I need to mention the Etles, you have direct image, in addition to sound, thanks to the sumptuous videos which
accompanied this amazing album.

This sound, these modern effects, this set is a car with a gleaming body waxed with Jack Daniels. The binary drums of
Franck BEARD, hypnotic, the round and warm bass of our late Dusty HILL, the white-hot rhythm and solo guitars of our
gunslinger Billy GIBBONS make ELIMINATOR one of the fundamentals that any self-respecting rocker must have in his
discotheque .

ELIMINATOR – released 1983

- Gimme all your loving
- Got me under pressure
- Sharp dressed man
- I need you tonight
- I got the 6 (u got the 9)
- Legs
- Thug
- TV dinners
- Dirty dog
- If I could only flag her down
- Bad girl

Translation  : Y. Philippot-Degand


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