THE CRIPPLE CREEK BAND : Last of A Dying Band (2023)

Does a band from the West Coast of the USA necessarily have to play Californian rock? This is not necessarily obligatory.
The proof ! The guys from the Cripple Creek Band have chosen to express themselves in the country-rock register. They
opened for many artists including Tobby Keith and the Outlaws (serious references). They even pushed good taste as far
as cover Ronnie Van Zant's "Four walls of Raiford" on their first album. Their latest record is damn good with solos shared
by an as country as can be violin and effective guitars. From the start, we know where we are going with it the
instrumental intro “Redemption creek”. The acoustic instruments (dobro, violin, acoustic guitar) take the listener on the
Appalachian side. Then, it turns into fast-paced country-rock/honky tonk (“The time has come”). The strong country-rock
“Single Life” is tinged with southern accents and was the subject of a video clip. This song tells of the inconveniences of a
guy who wants to help his friend who has become single following a breakup but who has difficulty following him on the
path of repeated parties. The melodious guitar solo pleasantly surprises in this square piece. It's necessary also to
mention the country/americana ballad “Standing in the rain” and the excellent cover of “The night they drove old Dixie
down” from the Band. Let's also not forget "Sleep till noon" (a melodic country track with a guitar in the style of the
Marshall Tucker Band), “Drink and play guitar” (a muscular rock’n’roll supported by an unbridled guitar), “What comes
with you” (a fast, melodic country tune with fiddle and banjo) and the instrumental version of “Standing in the rain”. With a
record like this, we have what it takes to have a good time and we can say that country-rock still has great potential days
ahead of him.
Olivier Aubry

Translation : Y. Philippot-Degand


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