THE EAGLES : Live Los Angeles (2022)

How can we chronicle such a monument? This goes for both the group and the album... Having gone in front of Mickael
Jackson at the top of the sales charts with their 1975 compilation, the Eagles toured the US venues in 2018, finishing with
three shows in L.A. on September 12, 14 and 15. If the fans could, legitimately, worry about the absences of Don Henley
and Glenn Frey, but replaced by their sons !, the group was able to perform an exceptional set list and above all served
by a fabulous sound to offer us a “ Best Of" to die for, featuring all their legendary titles (those "New kid in town" and "One
of these nights" !), enhanced with personal pieces from certain members (for example "Funk 49" and "Rocky mountain
way", of Joe Walsh, still in great form), and of course THE title “Hotel California”. So if you buy it, sales will explode again
but it is certain that you will have an excellent listening time.

Chris Marquis

Translation : Y. Philippot-Degand


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