THE OWL BAND: Pride (2023)

I wouldn't dare tell the boss of RTJ that "The Owl Band" is cool (untranslatable pun with the French word "chouette",
which means both owl and cool, Translator's note)... but it is true that this French group, from Normandy itself, makes a
good impression with this album, their first after two five-track EPs. They claim diverse but oh so varied influences: ABB,
Blackberry Smoke, Eagles but also Mr Big, Brian Adams and Joe Cocker.
All producing a beautiful album, a compromise of these various influences but with more "modern" sounds, giving
prominence to the vocal harmonies crossed with southern and Californian rock, on an album mixing personal
compositions and tasteful covers. We must now wish them to be able to defend this album with its beautiful cover on
European stages and to wait with envy for a second album just as convincing... with a little more original compositions,
which would allow them to fully transform this very pretty first try.
Chris Marquis

Translation : Y. Philippot-Degand


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