THE CURT TOWN BAND: As It Again (2023)

A new local gang releases an eight-track album in the great tradition of southern rock with old acquaintances in its ranks: Barry Rapp (who played keyboards on the Henry Paul Band's first two albums) and Carol Bristow ( who served as a backing vocalist in 38 Special and Lynyrd Skynyrd). The man named Curt Towne takes care of the lead vocals and lead guitar. As for the bass/drums section, it’s up to par. Well, this group has been touring for quite a few years and has opened for many southern rock stars (Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Marshall Tucker Band, Blackfoot, etc...) and also for the great Hank Williams Junior . This infernal combo even has the luxury of having a distinguished guest on this production in the person of guitarist Barry Lee Harwood (who participated in the picturesque adventure of the Rossington-Collins Band). All this is very encouraging but does not prevent us from asking a crucial question: and what is the record worth? Well, we can say that it is a hit overall with songs like “Cyclone” or “Fighting fire” on which the guitar spits angrily. The bold southern rock “Westside” is close to the style of the new Lynyrd Skynyrd and extols the merits of good old Jacksonville. There is also a pleasant ballad with beautiful six-string solos ("Flowers") and an astonishing cover of the Beatles' "Let it be" with an inspired solo. The rest of the songs (“Sleeping dogs”, “Ain’t done yet” and “I’m back”) are more conventional but remain in the southern spirit. In conclusion, an honest and effective record which will not revolutionize the world of music but which does honor to southern rock.

Olivier Aubry

A group from Jacksonville (well, well !) founded in 2013 around guitarist Curt Towne and singer and harmonica player James Aaron, this group seemed to be limited to opening for all the big names on the southern scene, after having opened the park Ronnie Van Zant (it is said that the daughter of the singer of Lynyrd would have worn the singer with her father's famous hat on this occasion) and to have participated in the Simple Man cruise. But after a first album All or Nothing, and having toured for a very long time, they have just released this superb As it again, quite simply, which I would dare to put among the most beautiful southern productions of this year... Reinforced on this album by Barry Rapp and Carol Bristow with glowing CVs, remastered by a certain Rodney Mills (!), they therefore deliver to us an excellent vintage worthy of all the legendary groups for which they have opened, an excellent southern album. And for the anecdote they end with a cover of “Let it be”, thus joining the Johnny Van Zant Band who, in 81, had also done a cover of the Beatles with Drive my car.




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