Spirit of the Wild (2008)


1 Spirit Of The Wild
2 Hot Summer Girls
3 Worry Bout It On Monday
4 Repo Man
5 Beer Truck
6 Blood On The Walls (Of Paradise)
7 The Wrong Way
8 Alligator Jackson
9 Frank Show
10 I Like It
11 Wild Woman Blues
12 12 oz Curls 2008
13 Girl At The Bar
14 Full Glass
15 Midnight’s Creeping
16 Until Something Better Comes Along
17 So Many Brews
18 Open Road
19 Carolina Summer Nights
20 Seperate
21 November Rose

Alligator Jackson comes from Ohio and is a band with deep Southern roots. We can be sure of that when we look at them or when we read their texts with a lot of Southern clichés. After two beautiful albums (‘Swamp Justice’ in 2006 and ‘A case of Gator’ in 2007), this new album ‘Spirit of the Wild’ is faithful to the bands’ roots and is a melting pot of Country and Southern Rock. Built in a classical way, Alligator Jackson songs are always pleasant to be heart even is we can note a lack of production quality if you compare with big bands from Nashville productions, but maybe it’s better, who knows ?
So whatever, Alligator Jackson has made some good job with 21 songs on the album, remember there were 24 songs on ‘A Case of Gator’. That’s a point where Alligator Jackson is different from other bands. I won’t talk about every song, I just can say that Alligator Jackson makes good and classical music, and if they are not pretentious that doesn’t mean they are not so good !

John Molet


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