No Other Name (CD-2008)


1 - Everything I Need
2 - God Will Make A Way
3 - Trust In The Lord
4 - No Other God Like Mine
5 - Change The World
6 - Isaiah 61
7 - Oh, How Wonderful
8 - No Other Name
9 - Look At What You've Done For Me
10 - Amazing Grace
11 - Why So Downcast?
12 - Holy Spirit You Are Welcome

Danny Liston - guitar & vocals
Jack Holder - guitar
Dan Maloney - guitar
Cory Edwards - keyboards
Ernest Williamson - keyboards
Dave Smith - bass
Steve Potts – drums
Mark Burris – percussion & tambourine
Max Baker - background vocals
Pat Liston - background vocals
Charlie Glenn - background vocals
Dickie Steltenpohl - background vocals
Erminie Cannon - background vocals
Marlys Brown - background vocals

The former Mama’s Pride guitarist has made a real good album, in the big Southern Rock family, even if it is really different, very special, and great to listen to with swing and beautiful guitar parts. Some songs are played by the former Black Oak Arkansas musician Jack Holder, and some by Dan Maloney, a friend of the Liston brothers. Danny’s voice is great too, with beautiful background vocals sung by his brother pat and Max and Dickie from Mama’s Pride. All the songs have been written by Danny Liston, except the famous ‘Amazing Grace’, played like the ‘House of the Rising Sun’, and all these songs are really great. So what ?
Just have a look at the songs titles and you can understand ; no love hotel close to the border, no drunk men around a gambling table. I do enjoy gospels but some people maybe won’t enjoy songs all around the Christian religion. If you know that point, I think you sure miss something if you don’t listen to so good and dynamic songs (‘Everything I need’, ‘Trust in the Lord’, ‘Isaiah 61’…) well played and well produced. If you don’t care about the lyrics, you sure will enjoy that great Southern Rock album. You can buy that CD, it is a good one.

Yves Philippot-Degand



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