Same (2008 - autoproduction)

This year, Southern Rock gives us beautiful Southern albums, close to the Capricorn sound, with the Brothers of Southland and Galloway and Kelliher. Now we get the Darren Brothers band from Tennessee, five guys in the middle of a river on their album cover. We sure are close to the deep South roots, far away from heavy songs. Remember that the Darren Brothers band is close to the Winters Brothers Band, where Darren used to play the bass guitar and is now a guitar player. His band mate from the Winters Brothers, Jamie Laritz on guitar, is on this album on a very good cover from the Winters Brothers ‘Smokey Mountain Log Cabin Jones’, heavier than the original version. Dennis Winters also sings on ‘Shadow’, one of the bests songs of the album with ‘No Pie Annie’, songs close to the Dickey Betts Band ‘Pattern Disruptive’. There are also two instrumental songs, the funky ‘Supachaka’, close to Peter Car songs on ‘Not a Word on It’, and the cool and jazzy ‘Biplane Boogie’, with a B3 organ like Grinderwitch. Don’t forget the Blues too, on ‘Mo Jack Blues again’ , a song dedicated to Jack Daniels. The Darren Brothers Band really comes from Tennessee, you can be sure of that !

Jacques Dersigny



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