Join the Band (2008)

Titles :

1 Dixie Chicken (feat. Vince Gill and Sonny Landreth)
2 Something in The Water (feat. Bob Seger)
3 See You Later Alligator (feat. Jim Mayer)
4 Fat Man in The Bathtub (feat. Dave Matthews and Sonny Landreth)
5 Champion of The World (feat. Jimmy Buffett)
6 The Weight (feat. Bela Fleck)
7 Don’t You Just Know It
8 Time Loves A Hero (feat. Jimmy Buffett)
9 Willin’ (feat Brooks and Dunn)
10 This Land Is Your Land (feat. Mike Gordon)
11 Oh Atlanta (feat.Chris Robinson)
 12 Spanish Moon (feat. Vince Gill)
13 Trouble (feat. Inara George and Sonny Landreth)
14 Sailing Shoes (feat. Emmylou Harris)

For thirty years, Little Feat gave us so great things, with Lowell George on ‘Sailin’ Shoes’ in 1972, ‘Feats don’t fail me now’ in 1974 and ‘Waiting for Colombus’ in 1978, or after his death on ‘Let it Roll’ in 1978, ‘Ain’t had enough Fun’ in 1995 (my favourite one) and the great live albums ‘Live from neon park’ in 1996, ‘Live at the Rams Head’ in 2002 and ‘Barnstormin’ Live’ in 2005. Little Feat is a real great band, they just needed to share their passion with some friends, and now we get it.
On this new album, called ‘Join the band’, Little feat invites us to share their musical career that began in 1969, until today. This great tour begins with ‘Dixie Chicken’ where the great Vince Gill voice and Sonny Landreth slide guitar take us to the summer, holydays, pleasure, etc…. The second title is ‘The Man of Michigan’, I mean Bob Seger, who, with Shaun Murphy, gives us a great ‘Something in the Water’. It’s quite the same on every song of this CD, and I just can notice a special ‘Oh Atlanta’ sung by Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, with Bill Payne and Shaun Murphy, and a beautiful ‘Willin’ a great ballad sung by Brooks and Dunn. However, all is good on this album, because great musicians such as Jimmy Buffett, Dave Matthews, Emmylou Harris and Bela Fleck only can make great and quality music, and bring this album to a very high quality level !

John Molet


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